Instructions for logging on to PeopleSoft remotely

Due to changes in system security we now must remotely access PeopleSoft Using our secure Remote Access Portal. Below are the instructions for how to access PeopleSoft from the Portal and a direct link to the portal. Once you get to PeopleSoft the Open Enrollment Instructions are the same as those in the Open Enrollment Booklet.

You will need.

  1. Your CityNet user name and password
  2. Your PeopleSoft user name and password

Click Here to Login to the remote portal.

If you have questions..

If you have questions about Open Enrollment, please call

If you have questions about logging on to the Remote Access Portal, please call the Service Desk at 502-574-4444.

Call the service desk if...

  • You don’t currently have a CityNet Account.
  • You need to reset your CityNet or PeopleSoft password.
Step 1

When you click the Logon button below you will be taken to the Logon Screen.

Enter your CityNet login credentials here.

Log on screen shot
Step 2

You will then see a screen making sure that you agree to Louisville Metro’s Acceptable Use Policy

Click Continue

Log on screen shot
Step 3

You then see the home screen for the Remote Portal

Log on screen shot
Step 4

Click the Web Applications Button on the left

Log on screen shot
Step 5

Click on PeopleSoft

Log on screen shot
Step 6

You will be directed to the PeopleSoft Login Page you normally see. The only difference will be the url for the application. Once you are here, proceed as directed in the Benefits booklet.

Enter your PeopleSoft credentials to logon and enroll in benefits.

Log on screen shot
Log into the Remote Portal